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Our Flavors



Our original flavor praline which is much like the first pralines made in New Orleans.  We use raw organic sugar cane, premium butter, organic half and half (cream/milk) and large, fancy grade pecans.  No additives, no artificial ingredients.  It is just creamy, melt in your mouth goodness.  We believe it will be your new favorite!  Order now!


Put a little spice in your life with our award winning Caliente praline. We use a combination of smoky serrano and habanero peppers with wonderful  results.  You will immediately taste the mild smoky flavor with the subtle flavor of the serrano.  As you chew, you'll begin to taste the unmistakable flavor of the habanero which rises to a delightful crescendo.  Muy bueno!  Order now!

This praline won first place at the 2017 International Flavor Awards (sweet snack category) and third place at the 2017 Fiery Food Challenge (zesty sweets/candy category).  


Our award winning Jalapeno praline adds just a touch of real Jalapeno peppers to the original recipe which adds a light flavor and subtle, delayed heat.  This is a  mild/medium heat praline.  Order now!

This praline placed third at the 2017 Fiery Food Challenge (zesty snack/nuts category)

Salted Caramel

Our overnight sensation!  The salt blends delightfully with the caramelized sugar in the praline for a sweet, salty treat.  Order now!

This praline placed second at the 2017 International Flavor Awards (salty snack category).


Current Seasonal Goodness

In addition to our regular flavors, we continue to experiment with new and different flavors to bring you the finest in taste adventures.  Check our Facebook Page to see what's cooking in the lab.  

Kentucky Bourbon

Launched to coincide with the Kentucky Derby, our KB praline is quickly becoming a fan favorite.  The premium Kentucky Bourbon we use gives our pralines a rich, unmistakable taste.  Order now!

Pumpkin Spice

Our fall favorite has returned to the lineup! Made with the spices used in a pumpkin pie, each bite tastes like Thanksgiving.  Order now!


The liqueur of lovers makes a wonderful praline!  We add Amaretto Disaronno liqueur with excellent results.  Taste it for yourself and share it with your significant other. Order now!

Rum Reaper

This praline combines the heat of the Carolina Reaper with the smooth taste of Caribbean spiced rum.  Prepare yourself for an adventure!  Order now! 


Cinnful Ghost

Our newest flavor created just for our sweet and spicy praline lovers!  This new praline combines the sweet, savory flavor of cinnamon with the heat and flavor of the Ghost pepper.  Both flavors come together for a symphony of taste!  Order now!

Irish Cream

For those who love Irish Cream, this praline is for you!  We only add the finest, high quality Irish Cream liqueur with excellent results. Order now!

Out of Season Flavors

Because we keep making new flavors, we've had to put some of them on the bench.  But don't worry, these flavors will make a return to the lineup:  Kilduff's Irish Dream, Hatch Chile, Chipotle, and Hot Buttered Rum.  Tell us which one you miss the most.


Our Story

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I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit.  I made and sold kitchen hot pads in grade school with some success.  I enjoyed it but I thought making a living from my own business was out of reach.  I graduated with an Engineering degree and entered the business world.  Corporate life was never very fulfilling.  I returned to school and obtained an MBA which rekindled my interest.  I was further inspired by the entrepreneurs in our home town of Grapevine.  While I only started selling pralines this year, I have been making them for over 15 years.  

It all started when

I was asked to provide a dessert for a charity event.  I tried a number of recipes but was not satisfied with the results.  I began to experiment with various combinations of these recipes, testing the results on family and friends.  I knew I had a winner when they insisted I continue to cook for them them after the event was over.  

The secret to my pralines 

My pralines have become a local favorite for two reasons.  The first is the premium ingredients I use.  For example, I use certified organic sugar cane.  The sugar canes are crushed and the juice is extracted, evaporated and crystallized all on the same day it is harvested.  The minimal processing results in a delicious all-natural taste.  I also use a premium butter made in Texas for over 100 years and is known for its creamy taste. Additionally, I use large, fancy grade pecans from Durham-Ellis Pecans, located in Comanche Texas.  

The second reason is my proprietary recipe.  I combine the ingredients in a way that results in a creamy, melt in your mouth taste that you will love.

Unique Flavors

We regularly offer 6 flavors of pralines– Original, Caliente (1st Place 2017 International Flavor Awards & 3rd Place 2017 Fiery Food Challenge), Salted Caramel (2nd Place 2017 International Flavor Awards), Jalapeño (3rd Place 2017 Fiery Food Challenge) and two seasonal flavors.  Currently, the Kentucky Bourbon and Rum Reaper pralines are our seasonal offering.  Others flavors that will make a return are Amaretto, Irish Cream, Hatch Chile, Chipotle, Hot Buttered Rum, and Pumpkin Spice.  We also continue to experiment with new and different flavors to bring you the finest in taste adventures.  Follow us on Facebook to see what is coming out of the lab next.

Sue and I hope you enjoy our pralines and please share the goodness with your family and friends.